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CWD-40T Water System


About the CWD-40T


The system provides 40,000 gallons of clean, potable water a day to cities, towns, villages and remote areas. It is highly mobile and effective for both short and long-term deployments. It is mounted in a trailer and can be moved from location to location distributing packaged water and/or filling up portable containers, tanks or reservoirs. It can also be converted to a stationary unit and


operated at a single location. It requires only 30 minutes to set up and begin operation. It has a self-priming feed water pump, with a raft support unit for use in lakes, rivers, oceans or reservoirs. The on-board diesel powered generator with integrated fuel tank can power the system for 72 hours before refueling. All components can be easily serviced and maintained while the unit is deployed and in the trailer. The system can process virtually any source of water without having to identify the contaminants first. 



The system design considers four main groups of water pollutants; suspended material (turbidity), organics (volatile organic   

compounds, organic acids, biochemical organic compounds, and disinfection byproducts), inorganic compounds (dissolved minerals such as arsenic, lead, or nitrates), and bacteria (pathogens, viruses and parasites). There is post-treatment using ozone, ultra violet disinfection and micron filtration to complete the process.




The system has three water distribution methods that can be used independently or in any combination.

Containers can be filled at an integrated filling station, which also has the ability to sanitize those containers. The sanitizing station can also be used to clean medical equipment or any other items requiring bacteria control and elimination.

The second is an integrated machine which will form, fill and seal 1500 one-half liter bags of water per hour for off-line distribution. The bag size and volume can be changed infinitely.

The third is to simply attach a hose that can be used to fill a tanker or other high-volume container.

Additional Information and Specifications

CWD-40T System Specifications (pdf)


ClearWater Brochure: Global Water Crisis (pdf)