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ClearWater Distributors exists for a simple, but critical mission — to bring safe, clean water to those most in need. We provide a sustainable water treatment solution that takes available water and makes it safe to drink. Our units produce large volumes of purified water in developing nations suffering from poor water quality as well as disaster areas mobilizing relief efforts. ClearWater Distributors helps governments, humanitarian projects and communities prepare for emergency situations and respond to the global water crisis. Our efforts will help reduce, and eventually eliminate, the unnecessary illnesses and deaths cause by the consumption of contaminated water. 



Throughout the world, inadequate water supply is a daily reality for more than one billion people. Governments simply do not have the capacity to meet the water quantity and quality needs of their populations. A sustainable and complete water solution is required.



The recent devastation as a result of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and New York only further substantiates the need for clean, safe drinking water during an emergency.   Our water systems were designed to aid in providing the most important resource to all who are in need after a natural disaster.  ClearWater Distributors wish to partner with governmental agencies, both domestic and foreign, to bring this amazing technology to the fore front of emergency management. 

CWD Water Systems

With ClearWater Distributors line of mobile water treatment systems, we can put an end to the world water crisis and save the lives of millions who are becoming ill and dying of water-related diseases. Everyone has the right to the most fundamental building block of life itself—water. 

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