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All aluminum, fully-enclosed and weatherproof, box size 18.5' L x 8.0' W x 8.0' high on an all aluminum frame with an overall length of 23'. The trailer has tandem 7000 lb. axels with E rated 16" tires, electric brakes, tow able and has a sub-frame designed for lift by helicopter. Trailer is equipped with a spare tire, full front and rear doors and 2 side doors for all around access. The trailer is equipped with leveling legs to both level the unit and take the movement out when positioned on site, and can be safely detached from the hauling unit. 

Onboard Power Source
75 KW Diesel Generator with an integrated 250 gallon double walled fuel tank. 480/60/3 mounted in its own area subdivided in the trailer by a firewall. 

Raw Water Feed
If there is not a connection to a pre-pressurized source available, the system has a submersible pump which is raft mounted and easily deployed into any source water which is available. The pump is powered by the onboard generator and has a lift capacity of 65'. All hoses are supplied for connections. 

Source Pretreatment
The pretreatment train includes inbound source strainers, chlorine injection, (3) Nexsand Multimedia Tanks with auto backwash, (2) Centaur Carbon Media Tanks, (3) 25/1 Gradient filters, anti scalant and bio-inhibitor injection all prior to the Reverse Osmosis Unit. The injectors have flow control automatic monitoring, and the ORP's automatically detect chlorine presence and absence and feed water salinity prior to the high pressure pumps. 

Reverse Osmosis Unit
This module contains 6 - 8"x40" seawater membranes in a 3 vessel array. Output varies by source, Freshwater Source 30,000 GPD or 4,719 LPH, Brackish Source 22,500 GPD or 3,539 LPH and Seawater Source 15,000 GPD or 2,360 LPH 

Clear Well
The product water is fed into a 250 gallon float controlled HDPE holding tank and re-pressurized for post treatment processing. 

Product Water Post Treatment
Product water is treated with Ultraviolet light, (3) 1 micron absolute filters and then ozonated prior to distribution to the fill table or automatic bagging machine. Alternative chlorine injection can be applied when filling tankers, tanks or bladders leaving a residual chlorine. 

Filing and Packaging
The system has 3 different methods of distribution. You can fill containers at the fill table, take bags of water away in the pre-packaged 1/2 liter bags or attach the NSF certified hose and pump the water off to external water containers. The system has container disinfection prior to filling, and the ability to sanitize utensils and, if needed, medical equipment using Ozone. 

Process Control
The system is fully automated including testing and shut down procedures. See detail Control system overview. 

Chemical Usage Per Month
@ all salinity levels = 30 days.
   68% active powder = 20 lbs x month. Average cost $2.50 per pound cost per day $0.83.
   2.5 lbs. x month Average cost $122.25 per pound@ 10.16 per day.
   Biological Inhibitor
   2.5 lbs. x month Average cost $92.77 per pound@ 7.74 per day. 

All components meet or exceed NSF Std 61 for potable water and all electrical items are UL listed. 

High Pressure Pump
There are 2 high pressure pumps that can run in serial or parallel depending on the salinity. Both pumps are capable of processing 30,000 GPD of product water from a fresh water source. 

Disposables Included
Included with the system is 1 set of disposable filters, approx 1 months worth of chemicals, specialty tools, a water test kit, spare roll of bag film, manuals, and start up guide. 

All piping is done in Sch.80 STD 61 PVC on the low pressure side and Stainless Steel on the high pressure side. Flexible hoses are Kuriyama STD 51 hose. 

Click here to see the full system specifications.

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