ClearWater Distributors, LLC

PureSafe Water Systems

PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. is a publicly held U.S. company. ClearWater Distributors, LLC, is an exclusive distributor of PureSafe. The unique PureSafe First Response Water System provides cost effective water purification for thousands of people in need. Our mobile units are ready to deploy immediately and are capable of producing up to 30,000 gallons of EPA-quality drinking water every 24 hours.

The unit purifies water on-site to provide more clean drinking water faster and cheaper than traditional bottled water solutions. The system can be operational within 30 minutes. Because it runs on either diesel or natural gas, it can function in areas where electricity supplies do not exist.
Our units were developed to meet the critical need for safe drinking water during disasters such as earthquakes , tsunamis, floods and droughts. During such emergencies, water supplies become contaminated with suspended solids, dirt, clay, pollutants and pathogenic bacteria, spreading disease and epidemics. Our water has been tested and certified under Water Quality Assurance (WQA) standards.

With PureSafe Water Systems, governments, donors, and international organizations can reduce potential for civil disorder and prevent delivery of contaminated water. This system can reduce storage and transportation costs of bottled water or tanker trucks and replace it with an efficient, cost effective line of PureSafe Water Systems. 

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