ClearWater Distributors, LLC

Phases of Operation


Throughout the world, inadequate water supply is a daily reality for more than 1 billion people. Governments simply do not have the capacity to meet the water quantity and quality needs of their populations. A sustainable and complete water solution is 
required.  The PureSafe First Response Unit can aid by providing 30,000 gallons of pure, safe drinking water to all who need it. 

For more information on this phase, please read this brochure.


The recent devastation as a result of Hurricane Sandy only further substantiates the need for clean, safe drinking water during an emergency.   The PureSafe First Response Unit was designed to aid in providing the most important resource to all who are in need after a natural disaster.  ClearWater Distributors wish to partner with governmental agencies, both domestic and foreign, to bring this amazing technology to the fore front of emergency management.


The PureSafe First Response Unit can also be implemented in many different industries.  It is currently being utilized as a solution during oil drilling.  The ability to clean and recycle fracking fluids makes the system a vital tool for environmentally friendly drilling.  The First Response Unit is also being equipped by waste management organizations to control and sanitize the liquid waste products that result from landfills.

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