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Fast Deployment
The PureSafe™ First Response Water System is fully equipped to purify water within 30 minutes from its initial connection to a water source. Because it is able to treat all types of contamination (except radiation), it can be mobilized as soon as the disaster is evident; the emergency response team does not need to know the specific nature of the contamination. 

High Quality Bottled Water
The PureSafe™ First Response Water System purifies water to the highest level of potable quality, including treatment for biological contamination as well as water contaminants. In addition, the system delivers ozonated water in order to disinfect itself and prevent growth of contaminants in its pipes, filter, and membranes. Bottles are also disinfected before filling to prevent contaminants, especially when using recycled containers and bottles. 

Integral Water Pumping Raft
The PureSafe™ First Response Water System has its own water pumping raft for open sources inlet pumping (such as lakes or swimming pools). In the event pressurized municipal water is available, water sources such as fire hydrant can be used. The PureSafe™ First Response Water System comes with a built-in pressure regulator to prevent pressure overload. 

Easy Operation by Untrained Personnel
The PureSafe™ First Response Water System comes with a touch screen for user-friendly operation. Once the system power is on, the touch screen directs untrained personnel through the right sequence of operation tasks. In case of an operational mistake, PureSafe protects itself, alerts the operator, and provide fixing instructions. The System also tests the quality of the output water, and ceases operation automatically if there is a quality issue. 

Self Energizing
PureSafe™ system contains a built-in diesel generator with sufficient internal diesel fuel to run for a period of 48 to 72 hours straight at average load.

High Capacity
PureSafe™ system can produce up to 30,000 gallons of drinkable water, serving up to 45,000 people per day. The cost per gallon is significantly lower than bottled water.

Benefits of PSWS:
- Decontaminates and purifies water from any polluted water source, as well as, desalination of seawater
- Produces up to 30,000 gallons of EPA quality drinking water per day to serve up to 45,000 people
- Rapidly deployable anywhere in the world
- Mobile-airlift capability
- Operational within 30 minutes
- System automatically produces up to 1,500 ½ liters bags of water per hour (30,000 bags per day)
- Built in PureSafe Water Station capable of filling other containers
- Tanker trucks and storage facilities can be filled
- Use of ozonated water disinfects and sanitizes containers
- Ozonated water from the system can be used to sanitize medical instruments and equipment
- Self contained energy source (diesel generator), as well as, electric grid hook-up
- Safeguards to prevent delivery of poor water
- Reduces potential for civil disorder
- Preparedness Service Program provides complete comprehensive maintenance program
- System has been granted Gold Seal Certification , the highest level of achievement by the Water Quality Association
- Significantly lower cost than bottled water.  See this side by side comparison.

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